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Product Questions
Which tumbler should I order?
First decide if you are looking for a rotary tumbler or a vibratory tumbler. Rotary tumblers are easier to use. This is because you can fill them with rock, water, and abrasive and let it roll for seven days without much hassle. With a vibratory tumbler...
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Order & Shipping
Do you deliver orders to Canada?
Yes, we ship to Canada. We can ship with USPS Priority international, FedEx Home Delivery, and UPS Standard to Canada. Transit times can vary due to customs clearance.
How long will it take for my order to ship after I place it?
Stock items are generally shipped the same day (if ordered before 12:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays). If it is drop ship item then the wait time would be subject to the vendors current inventory or their...
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Apache Tears Tumbling Instrcutions
A little history about apache tears How to Use Apache Tears Energy Apache tears are said to have originated when the tears of grieving Apache women fell and froze after a battle with great loss of life. It is said that anyone who carries Apache tears...
Diamond Scratching in Finish
APPENDIX III THE CAUSES OF SCRATCHING (this comes from the Raytech Shaw manual) (these ideas are not limited to faceting) Lap Contamination The appearance of unwelcome scratches on a facet while it is being polished is a problem which from time to...
Covington buff & polish chart
INTRODUCTION This comes from the Covington Catalog Many stones polish equally well with several buff and polishing compound combinations. A very hard gem can be polished by a much softer polish powder. Only one polishing agent should be used on a...
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